We are just riders. Me and my wife we traveling a lot of years with our motorcycle. A lot of times we had visited places, cities or passos, all around the world, and we could not find a sticker to decorate our cases.

Before 3 years i was on Beklemeto pass, looking the amazing view from the mountain. I thought “it is to beautiful to forget it”.

That was the idea. I started to draw and design by hand or on my computer stickers, in my free time.

After some months i had about 400 different stickers. I decided that my stickers must have very good quality vinyl and lamination.

I bought machines and a friend came to work with me. After 2 years we have more than 800 codes and two people are working on project.

I still make the designs. I love this because it is not for money …. it is for fun.

I need your help to make more designs. For sure i don’t know all passos. Send me your ideas and keep your memories.

Thank you.