Leoforos Posidonos 25 – Moschato Athens 18344

manager: Makis


Shipping charges are from the Hellenic Post office and the letter containing the stickers

is sent in a sealed named package and must be delivered to you only.

Depending on the conditions, the letter takes 8 to 15 days to reach you depending on the region.

In case of a longer delay, please contact us at:

Customers reviews

Marco C. (Italy)

Thank you very much for the stickers, they are beautiful, I also hope other new stickers especially in Austria and they are Flexenpass (famous), Furkajoch, (very famous), Faschinajoch, Arlbergpass, (famous) Zeinisjoch and Hochtannbergpass and 2 more famous ones from Germany and I’m Oberjoch (with beautiful curves and hairpin bends) and Riedbergpass (the highest pass in Germany), and many other Italians, thanks and many greetings

Mauricio V. (Patagonia Chilena)

Los felicito por su pagina web y la completa oferta de productos que tienen.
Esperare ansiosamente mi pedido.
Obviamente, no siempre encontramos todo lo que buscamos pero seria interesante que a futuro, ustedes pudiesen contar con al menos algunos productos mas para latinoamericanos y extranjeros que nos visitan, como por ejemplo:
-Países (Uruguay, Ecuador); con ellos uno completaría los países de sud América
-Lugares (Patagonia, ruta 7 Carretera Austral, ruta 40, Península Valdés, El calafate, El Chalten, Torres del Paine, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, faro del fin del mundo) por nombrar algunos

Saludos desde la Patagonia Chilena

Theodoros K. (Greece)

Amazing work and quality. I travel all over the Europe but could not find strickers. I found them in my country !!!!!!!!!

Nicholas P. (USA)

Great design and very good quality. Something that was missing from the motorcycle market

Eduardo V. (Spain)

Envío muy rápido. Colores brillantes y buena calidad de calcomanías.

Dirk A. (Germany)

Super, very good, easy and guick:-)

Very easy, quick and fair. Everythink fine

Pawel P. (Poland)

Good Morning Makis,

Stickers arrived yesterday. Looks awsome 🙂

Please step in for a beer or vodka(depending on wheather) when you are in Poland.

Senfinia_adventure (Eric from Spain)

After passing 27 countries, 24.000 km driven, 360.000 meters of elevation gain, 204 cities visited, 284 mountains climbed and 408 hours moving since I started my journey was time to do a deep revision and oil replacement for engine and cardan shaft 🛢

Also I took advance to change my road tyres for knobby ones to be more prepared for dual purpose environments, both gravel and road 🌋

While the motorbike service was going on I could spent so much wonderful time with my host Makis to whom I cannot be grateful enough… Thank you for such good memories with you.

In addition, I would like to appreciate @ilovestickers.eshop for collaborating with my journey 🙌🏽… Now with all the stickers on the bike, it really looks like a world tour motorbike 😍

Thanks for everything buddy!!!