A yellow line on the road marks the side margin.
When a traffic light is out of order and the amber light is blinking, the driver is obliged to obey the road signs posted at the junction (such as STOP or YEILD RIGHT OF WAY).
When a traffic light in a junction is blinking amber, the crossing road also has a blinking amber.
It is strictly forbidden, under any circumstances, to enter a junction when the traffic light is red.
It is strictly forbidden to cross a white center line, under any circumstances (including turning left into a parking lot).
A road sign indicating a traffic circle obliges the driver to give the right of way to any vehicle already in the circle.
NO STOPPING sign is marked by two parallel lines.
STOP sign is a red octagonal sign displaying a hand facing the driver. (the word “STOP” or “HALT” is not written on the sign)

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