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Umbrail Pass is an international high mountain pass at 2.501m (8,205ft) above the sea level, located in the Alps, on the Swiss-Italian border. At this elevation the road over the pass is currently the highest paved road in Switzerland, and one of the highest roads of the Alps. The road over the pass is asphalted.. The conditions of the road improve near the summit. It connects the little village of Giogo di Santa Maria in Val Müstair with Bormio in the Adda valley and climbs steeply through a densly wooded, narrow, bumpy section. On the Italian side, it connects to the Passo dello Stelvio road.
The road includes some steep sections, without market central lines, is very narrow, scarcely wide enough for two cars to pass at the same time and there are no protections or guard rails along some parts of the route. It’s closed from October to June. The Umbrail Pass is located at the most eastern tip of Switzerland, and is as such an access road of Switzerland to the Passo dello Stelvio road.

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