Terms and conditions

iLovestickers is an e-shop, available at www.iLovestickers.gr so for online sales of the products traded and represented by the sole proprietorship of Xyloefarmoges GP, with registered office in Athens , with TIN: 999778477, hereinafter “the Company” or “Xyloefarmoges” or www.iLovestickers.gr or “iLovestickers”.

Because of the new Greek Law about postage with Hellenic Post, we must write on the letter with the products, your Name, Address, Post code, Your phone number and your Email Address. If you accept our Privicy Policy you also agree for the publication of the above data in the Greek Post Office.

The primary concern of iLovestickers is to set out the terms governing its rights and obligations to all of you who will visit its websites and use its services, which also aim at informing you about your own rights and obligations as well as how you can be best served when seeking and acquiring the products you wish to buy from the store.

The services provided through the e-shop iLovestickers are provided of persons, capable for transactions, in accordance with Greek Laws, provided that they accept these Terms of Use, as well as all information, products, software and services provided through www.iLovestickers.gr. It should be noted, though, that, in any event, the use of the iLovestickers services entails and presumes the full and unreserved acceptance of the terms hereof, as well as the grant of the required consent by the person (hereinafter the user or visitor or consumer), in accordance with the foregoing.

A copy of this document, which governs our transaction, may be saved or printed by clicking on the respective choice.


Every user (visitor – consumer) is able to browse without charge at www.iLovestickers.gr and use the e-shop services under the terms and conditions applicable worldwide and in Greece, as well as under the provisions hereof, which are accepted by the former.

Through iLovestickers you are able to easily and safely purchase:

Products and items related to motorcycles, riders and motorcycle fans, such as: stickers, etc. of firms represented by iLovestickers in Greece.

iLovestickers guarantees the quality, completeness and validity of the features listed, with the exception of technical or typographical errors that cannot be foreseen or that are not willful or that have been caused by technical errors or outages in the operation of services or due to force majeure.


No visitors’ personal details are required for visiting and browsing through the pages of iLovestickers.

Personal details are requested only when visitors choose to receive information e-mails, notifications for new products, features, deals and services by iLovestickers and/or wishes to place an order – purchase any of the products – services, in order to complete our transaction. When placing an order the following will be requested: your full name, the shipping address of the order, your landline number (or any other telephone number you prefer to provide us, which shall be used only for issues related to your order), your e-mail address, to enable communication between us, and your TIN – Tax Office, as the case may be, if you wish the issue of an invoice. If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, the following information will also be requested: the number, the expiry date, and the CCV of the card. The previous personal details will be used by iLovestickers only in order to complete the electronic transaction, and for the verification – identification of the user, when required, and the execution – shipping of the order to the user/consumer. Users authorize iLovestickers, upon any e-shop transaction, to process each electronic transaction completed and to forward any payment or shipping or any other details provided by the former (users) to its partners (e.g. courier service), in order to complete the sale and delivery of the products to the user who purchased them

Finally, personal details may be requested when users wish to create a (member) account, in order to manage and complete orders – purchases more easily and faster.

If any visitor decides to create an account, upon completion of the sign up procedure specified by iLovestickers, he/she shall receive a confirmation of the password and user name that the he/she has chosen.

Users, as soon as they create an account with iLovestickers, will be exclusively responsible for all actions completed through their personal accounts using their password. They must show the required diligence in order to protect the aforementioned information. iLovestickers recommends to its users to take all required security measures in order to avoid illegal or unauthorized use of their account by third parties. Members agree to notify iLovestickers immediately in the event of any unauthorized use of their account and any actual and/or possible security breach. iLovestickers has made available to its members a function which they can use anytime they wish to change their personal password. Also, iLovestickers recommends to its members to memorize the password and avoid writing it on objects or areas which might be accessed by third parties. In any case where theft or loss of the password and/or unauthorized use of their account might be discovered, members will be responsible – primarily for their own protection – to immediately change their password and inform iLovestickers without delay. Finally, iLovestickers recommends to its members – especially when accessing the site through public computers – to be particularly careful and to always log out from their account when they are finished using their account in order to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts by third parties. iLovestickers shall in no case be liable for any damage or loss that might arise from the failure of members/users to comply with the terms of this article.

As mentioned before, the sign up procedure for a user – member account requires users to set a personal password and a user name.

During account creation and registration of details, users commit and undertake to provide true, accurate, valid and complete details in the mandatory fields of the electronic form that must be filled in for the creation of account. Users also undertake to always keep their personal details updated.

After the creation of an account, its deletion may be requested with an e-mail to info@ iLovestickers.gr

If visitors wish to receive information e-mails (regarding availability of new products, deals, etc.) they may activate this service by clicking the respective link on the website, whereby appropriate information is provided and users’ consent is given.


You can find detailed information regarding the procedure and the steps (technical stages) for completing your order on the iLovestickers webpages. You can also find useful advice regarding cost calculation (including shipping costs and any applicable charges), for finding and correcting any errors during placement of your order (e.g. regarding the item, the quantities, the payment methods, etc.). Upon completion of your order we will send you e-mail confirmation, which will be followed by an e-mail informing you about shipment.

iLovestickers allows the cancellation (in whole or in part) of any order that has already been placed. In order to cancel an order (in whole or in part) you will have to send us an e-mail at info@iLovestickers.gr. Orders may be canceled only before notification of shipment has been received. At this point cancellation is not allowed, without prejudice to other rights granted hereby and explained below (withdrawal).


The following payment methods are available for facilitating and serving all those who wish to purchase products from iLovestickers:

– Through the safe platform of the internationally recognized online payments processing supplier PayPal, with which iLovestickers has a contract. In this case users are transferred, through a safe connection, to the PayPal application. After confirmation of the account details by PayPal, the transaction is approved or rejected and iLovestickers is notified for the result in order to complete the transaction;

– By payment in cash on delivery of the product(s) in shop.

In addition, iLovestickers allows you to select if you need a retail sales receipt or a sales invoice to be issued for your payment. Invoices are issued for legal entities and freelancers, provided that during order placement the fill in the following information: Trade name, TIN, Tax Office and profession, in respect of freelancers.


The products will be shipped to the location indicated through a courier service or the Hellenic Post. Shipping to certain areas for which the courier service is not available will be performed through the Hellenic Post.

Provided that the products are in stock in our warehouse and as from the time we notify you of the shipment, your order will be shipped through the Hellenic Post and they will be delivered in accordance with the Hellenic Post delivery times. Orders will be shipped on business days (weekends and holidays excluded).

The shipment cost is the same, irrespective of the destination in any part of World.  More information is available on our webpages.


The prices indicated next to each product include the applicable VAT. Such prices refer to the quantities in stock in our warehouses, while iLovestickers reserves the right to adjust prices. In any event, the price may not change as from the moment your order is confirmed, since as from such moment your purchase has been completed (namely the agreement regarding the product and its price has been concluded).

For specific areas in Greece, where reduced VAT rates apply and provided that you have requested an invoice for your order, the prices shall be lower than the ones indicated by the amount of the reduced VAT.


Without prejudice to the cases referred to below (Exceptions), you are entitled to return the products you purchased without penalty and without the obligation to provide us with a reason for returning the products, within a deadline of 14 calendar days from the date you or any person authorized by you accepts delivery of the products. In case of an order of an entire lot of products, the deadline shall commence upon delivery of the last product in the lot. In such case, you shall only bear the direct cost of the return of the products.

In order to return products due to withdrawal, the product must be in its original condition (in the same condition it was when delivered, i.e. it must sealed and its packaging must be intact), accompanied by its retail sales receipt or the invoice. Consumers may be liable for any reduction in the value of the product, in case its has been used (management) in a manner different than the one that is necessary for ascertaining the features and operation of the product/good.

The products being returned must be sent at the following address:

Xyloefarmoges GP

Leoforos Posidonos 25 – Moschato

18344 Athens – Greece

Upon exercise of the right to withdraw, iLovestickers will contact with the user/consumer in order to consult for the reimbursement of the value of the product in respect of which the right to withdraw is exercised and the additional cost of delivery (provided that you have selected one of the available standardized delivery methods of www.iLovestickers.gr for your transaction), which may not be later than 14 days from the date the notice of withdrawal is received, provided that you will have returned the product and such product will have been received. The foregoing mean that you must return the product within 14 days from the notice of withdrawal or provide iLovestickers with proof that you have safely shipped it before the expiry of the 14 day delivery. Your money will be reimbursed in the same manner (method) of payment you selected during the transaction.


iLovestickers is not responsible for faults or low quality of products of third manufacturers which it makes available for sale, since products are received from their suppliers and/or manufacturers packaged and/or sealed. However, it assumes the responsibility to replace, at own cost, any faulty products discovered among the delivered quantities, unless you only want the price reimbursed. In such case you must return the product along with the relevant supporting documentation and documents accompanying the product upon delivery. In such case, the price shall be reimbursed within ten (10) working days as from the date we receive the faulty product and the sale supporting documentation. In order to avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended to carefully inspect the condition of the products sold and the integrity of their packaging at the time of delivery of the order, in order to ascertain any obvious fault (e.g. faulty merchandise, wrong item, etc.).


iLovestickers uses the SSL protocol, wit 128bit encryption, for safe online communications and transactions. In this manner, all users’ personal details are encrypted, including credit card details, in order to prevent access or modification during transmission over the internet.

The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is a global internet standard for the encryption of websites and encrypted communication and exchange of data between users and web servers. SSL-encrypted communications requires the encryption of all information exchanged between the user and the server by the sending software and decryption by the receipt software, ensuring, thus, the protection of personal information during transmission. Moreover, all information sent through the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically ascertains whether it has been modified during transmission. It should be noted that SSL protocol communication is feasible only with the use of web browsers that support communication through this technology.

Credit/debit card transactions will be completed by iLovestickers through a safe application of the Bank – Online Payments Processing service provider, which it has contracted, using the services of the said provider. Upon the user’s acceptance of the transaction, the user is transferred through a safe connection – in accordance with the foregoing – to the Bank application (online payment platform that uses TLS 1.1 encryption, with a similar 128bit encryption protocol), where the user provides his/her card details, the Bank then reviews the card and the transaction is approved or rejected. iLovestickers is notified of the result in order to complete the order procedure and the settlement of the online payment. iLovestickers assumes no liability against users for any case of inability or failure of the Online Payments Processing service provider to put a hold on the amount or charge the credit card, resulting in the failure to complete the purchase transaction.

The company reserves the right to cancel the order, as well as the right to immediately refund the amount, in case it finds a problem in the listing of prices or in case the online store has received an electronic breach of its data.

iLovestickers assumes no liability in any case of unlawful (fraudulent) use of credit/debit cards. By the registration of card details in the electronic forms of iLovestickers, it shall be presumed that the user/consumer is the lawful owner of the credit card. Such registration shall also entail consent for charging such card.

The goods should only be handled by adults and should not come into contact with children.


With the exception of expressly stated cases (intellectual property of third parties, associates, products manufacturers and content sources), the entire content of iLovestickers, including pictures, graphics, drawings, texts, tools, services provided and, in general, all files of this website, constitutes the intellectual property, logos and trademarks of iLovestickers and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek and European Union law and international conventions and treaties.

Consequently, the content of iLovestickers, in whole or in part, may not be sold, copied, modified, counterfeited, imitated, reproduced, republished or “loaded”, transmitted, distributed or exploited in any manner without prior written permission.

The case of single instance of saving only one part of the content in a simple personal computer for purely private use and not public or commercial exploitation shall be expressly excluded from the previous, indicative, cases provided that the indication of origin is not removed and third parties are not harmed and the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights are not infringed. All other products or services listed in the sections of iLovestickers and bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, partner agencies, associations, etc. constitute the intellectual and industrial property thereof.


  1. Availability: The respective availability of all products distributed through iLovestickers shall be clearly indicated. In this manner you can easily ascertain, before placing your order, which of our products are in stock at our warehouses and thus, immediately available for delivery and which are not in stock, but are soon expected to arrive at our warehouses. Nevertheless, you may place your order even for products that are not in stock at our warehouses. We will contact you via e-mail and/or telephone, within reasonable time, in order to confirm your order and inform you of the expected delivery time of the product. In such case, if you deem that this time is not satisfactory, you may revoke your order of the said product.

In any event, it should be made clear that the aforementioned delivery time of your order is subject to the availability of items at our warehouse and shall become effective as from the moment we confirm shipment.

In addition, we offer the possibility, if you so choose, to receive all products, which due to different availability might be subject to different delivery times, in one shipment to the place of delivery, on the latest day and as soon as it is possible for them to be delivered to the courier service or to receive partial deliveries, depending on the times we can deliver them to you. In such case, you will be informed in advance of the respective changes to the shipping costs, due to partial deliveries.

  1. Warranty: iLovestickers is not itself a producer – manufacturer of the products it makes available for sale, which, as mentioned before, are received from the suppliers and/or manufacturers thereof packaged and/or sealed. Consumers can find information form the producer’s – manufacturer’s official webpage regarding the warranty details for each product, as well as any accompanying terms, its duration and the territorial validity thereof. Users must read carefully the terms of the provided warranty, as well as any other accompanying documents and records, which are included in the products, under the responsibility of the supplier/manufacturer, particularly those referring to information regarding safe use and maintenance of products. iLovestickers undertakes to provide its users with any possible assistance for the fulfillment of the manufacturer’s/supplier’s terms of warranty, without any additional charge to the user. In addition to the foregoing and following a specific agreement, iLovestickers may provide, on a case by case basis, its users with maintenance outside of warranty, subject to the respectively applicable charge.
  2. Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.), we are not able to deliver the products to you within the set deadline, we will notify you via e-mail, in order to notify us whether you are still interested in the execution of your order, under such circumstances.
  3. Ads – Links to other websites: iLovestickers may include in its pages and sections any kind of advertisement banners and links to other websites. iLovestickers does not control availability, content, personal data protection policies, the quality and the completeness of the services of other websites and webpages which are linked via links, hyperlinks or ad banners and assumes no liability in respect of communications between its users and the third service providers and products suppliers advertised in its pages and any commercial transactions that may be a result of their relationship.
  4. Amendments to the terms hereof: iLovestickers reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of transactions, and undertakes to update this document with any amendment or supplementation to the terms In any event, you can save or print a copy of this document, which governs our current transaction, by clicking on the respective choice.
  5. Applicable Law – Dispute Settlement: All transactions concluded through iLovestickers shall be governed by the International and European Union law provisions that pertain to e-commerce, as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) that governs issues pertaining to remote sales.